What is CTL?

CTL is an acronym for Common Technical analysis Language. It is a proprietary programming language, as far as I know only used for the Dealbook software. CTL can examine and work with chart data within an active Dealbook chart to display more information and/or to take some action, such as automatic trading or sms notifications.

Three types of programs can be created using CTL for use in your charts.
1) Strategies: Used to automatically notify or place and close trades based on calculations of chart data.
2) Indicators: Used to calculate and display information as lines on charts.
3) functions: routines that can be called by strategies and indicators

CTL is not a particularly user-friendly language.. generally I would say it is harder to understand and less flexible than VBA (Visual Basic as found in Word and Excel macros).. and while easier to read than C++, is much less powerful.
The biggest issue I have had is the lack of debugging although this has been improved recently with the 'prinf' function.
There is little access to data outside of the chart that the CTL program is running in.

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